Up To 9 Colour Dry
Offset Printing

Montebello offers the only nine-colour printing unit in North America, giving us the ability to separate jobs to print with better reproduction due to our excellent management of ink delivery. Linework and halftone screens can be split to separate print units for better print reproduction.

Pinpoint Halftone Dot Accuracy

Dense, vivid colours are reproduced with pinpoint halftone dot accuracy. Our graphics department uses our dry dot proprietary screening technology to create separations that look like traditional 4/colour process separations; but run clean on the press, limiting normal wet-on-wet ink contamination.

If you require it, we can split inkwells for jobs that require smooth blending of several colours; this can all be done on white base coated, clear brushed, or specialty base coated rigid aluminum cans.

9 Colour Dry Offset Printing Process:
9 Colour Dry Offset Printing Process
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