Montebello Packaging has developed high standards of service regarding our impact on the environment. We are dedicated to finding supplies of the highest quality, understanding that our customers expect the same. Our aluminum is made up of 99.8% pure alloy, which allows for a recyclable product rather than waste. The following explains the benefits of both our laminate and aluminum tubes.

& the Packaging Industry

Sustainability is a crucial aspect of our daily lives and it has become increasingly important as the population and consumption continue to grow. The earth’s resources are finite, and we need to be mindful of how we use them.

One area where we can make a big impact is in the packaging industry. Aluminum and laminate tubes are excellent examples of how sustainability and packaging can go hand in hand. Both materials are highly recyclable, which helps to conserve natural resources and reduce waste.

This is important because packaging is one of the major contributors to the waste problem we face today. By using packaging materials that can be recycled, we can reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and conserve natural resources.

& Aluminum Tubes

Aluminum tubes are a great choice for lasting durability and sustainability. Their 99.7% pure alloy construction makes them easily recycled, helping to create an environmentally conscious approach to product manufacturing. Almost all aluminum packaging can be recycled and turned into new products, which helps to conserve natural resources and reduce waste.

Almost every aluminum product can be commercially recycled at the end of its useful life without losing metal quality or properties. The increasing demand for recycled aluminum provides infinite applications.

Aluminum tubes and cans can be recycled repeatedly into aluminum foil, plates and pie molds, window frames, garden furniture, automotive and aircraft components, and aluminum engine blocks.

& Laminate Tubes

Laminate tubes are a versatile and sustainable packaging option that offers many benefits. They are made from multiple layers of materials (e.g., HDPE, EVOH, Aluminum) that provide an excellent lightweight barrier, protecting the contents from oxygen, bacteria, and UV degradation. This helps to preserve the freshness and quality of the contents, extending their shelf life and reducing food waste.

Laminate tubes can be printed directly, reducing the need for separate labeling. The stand-up cap and the robust, ‘bounce back’ memory of the laminate tube eliminates the need for a secondary retail box.

Master carton requirements are also reduced as the compact, shatterproof tubes transport in lighter-weight corrugated shippers than glass or cans. Since they are much lighter than traditional packaging options such as glass or cans, it helps reduce the environmental impact of transportation and lower the carbon footprint of the packaging industry. The compact and shatterproof design of laminate tubes also makes them safer to transport and handle.

Digital Printing

Our HP Indigo digital presses bring printing to the next level. Its advanced technology ensures sharpness and accuracy in each print, providing high definition graphics.

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