Montebello Packaging has developed high standards of service regarding our impact on the environment. We are dedicated to finding supplies of the highest quality, understanding that our customers expect the same. Our aluminum is made up of 99.8% pure alloy, which allows for a recyclable product rather than waste. The following explains the benefits of both our laminate and aluminum tubes.
Sustainability & Aluminum Tubes

& Aluminum Tubes

Aluminum tubes are made from 99.7% pure alloy. This pure single material makes aluminum very recyclable.

Almost every aluminum product can be commercially recycled at the end of its useful life without losing metal quality or properties. The increasing demand for recycled aluminum provides infinite applications.

Aluminum tubes, cans, and bottles can be recycled repeatedly into aluminum foil, plates and pie molds, window frames, garden furniture, automotive and aircraft components, and aluminum engine blocks.

& Laminate Tubes

Laminate tubes are made from multiple layers of materials (e.g., HDPE, EVOH, Aluminum) that provide an excellent lightweight barrier, protecting the contents from oxygen, bacteria, and UV degradation.

Laminate tubes can be printed directly, reducing the need for separate labeling. The stand-up cap and the robust, ‘bounce back’ memory of the laminate tube eliminates the need for a secondary retail box.

Master carton requirements are also reduced as the compact, shatterproof tubes transport in lighter-weight corrugated shippers than glass or cans.

Sustainability & Laminate Tubes
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