Plastic Injection Molding
For Closures

Montebello Packaging has extensive experience in closure-making, going back 30 years. We manufacture a variety of closures for both aluminum and laminate tubes and sell closures for outside companies.

Montebello utilizes hydraulic and all-electric Injection Molding machines, ranging from 28 up to 400-ton capacity. To increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness, we use new Sumitomo injection moulding machines that have clamp capacities of up to 230 tons.

The Sumitomo machines provide higher torque, faster speeds, higher injection pressures, and increased precision and application flexibility.

What is injection molding without molds? We are meticulous in taking care of our molds, relying on Hot Runner Molds to make operations more efficient due to the elimination of runner scrap.

These factors, plus their tube manufacturing division’s high standards, create closures of very high quality.

Closures are available in both standard and alternative designs and are available in low and high-density polyethylene and polypropylene. Montebello also uses resin combinations that are the result of experimentation to get higher quality and productivity.

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