Digital Printing

If you’re looking for superior print quality for your cosmetic, pharmaceutical, or industrial laminate tubes, then you’ve come to the right place!

Improved Packaging With
Digital Printing

Digital printing is revolutionizing the packaging industry, granting brands greater creative control and flexibility in their design process. Thanks to digital technology, small changes can be made without costly plate changing or lengthy production delays – ensuring designs are tailored precisely for any product range or promotional needs.

Plus, no two packages need to look alike with variable data print capabilities. Digital also provides opportunities for ultra-sharp imagery and vibrant colors which create an impactful shelf presence that consumers will love.

In short: digital printing offers increased cost efficiency while allowing unparalleled customizability – resulting in stand-out package designs that help your brand make a big impression on store shelves everywhere!

High-Quality Printing Capabilities

If your labels and printed packaging require premium print quality, let Montebello make the difference! Our eco-friendly laminate tubes can provide you with superior graphics on clear or white EVOH, silver laminates and more; perfect for cosmetics to pharmaceuticals – a professional look that stands out from the competition.

At Montebello Packaging, we offer super high-definition printing on our HP Indigo digital presses; this allows us to produce high-quality graphics using CMYK or CMYKOVG extended gamut print technology for vivid colour reproduction.

High Turn-Around With Complete Services

We can blend spot colours for certain items that demand this feature. This offers a true white print colour when needed on silver and clear laminate stocks. Printing is done at a super high resolution of 175 LPI and higher, assuring exceptional image reproduction.

Using Esko’s Automated workflows, Color Engine, and Imaging Engine, our in-house graphics department delivers fast turn-around times, complete artwork preparation services, and press-profiled contract proofs for print approval.

HP Indigo Digital Press

Our HP Indigo Digital Presses use a unique digital printing process that allows for high-quality, accurate, and precise printing on a variety of substrates including paper, plastic, and metalized materials. They can print on a wide range of packaging materials such as labels, cartons, flexible packaging, shrink sleeves, and more. These presses can print at high speeds, which allows for the efficient production of large quantities of packaging.

One of the major advantages of HP Indigo Digital Presses is its ability to produce high-quality, photo-realistic images and graphics. The presses use a proprietary printing process that allows for the use of up to 7 colors, including white, which can be used to produce vibrant and accurate colors on packaging materials. Additionally, the presses can be equipped with advanced finishing options such as spot varnishing, lamination, and die-cutting, which can add an extra level of quality and durability to the packaging.

HP Indigo Digital Presses:

You’ll have stunning and high-quality graphics catching customers’ eyes every time, whether it be for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, or skin care packaging!


Our 100% recyclable and sustainable packaging is environmentally friendly. We believe in protecting the environment for future generations.

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