Aerosol Cans

In 2005, Montebello entered the fast-growing North American Aerosol Can Market!

Our aerosol cans provide you with true versatility and are used in areas such as deodorants, antiperspirants, hair sprays, perfumes, and face and body creams. The automotive, agricultural, veterinarian, and pharmaceutical industries often use aerosol cans in their line of work.

Montebello offers a varied selection of aerosol cans for different diameters and heights. Our cost-effective, seamless aluminum can is available in pump and pressurized options with metallic offset for a unique decoration, and to top it all off, they will never rust. Our packaging options bring sustainability to the table and are constructed with recyclable aluminum aerosol can packaging for all your personal care and industrial needs.

Montebello uses advanced high-speed dry offset printing techniques with up to six-colour capability to decorate with vivid, dense colours. Your choices for the base can finish include pearlized silver or white, solid white, specialty base colours, or clear or tinted finishes, allowing the metallic or brushed metallic finish to show through.

Our advanced graphic artwork separation techniques and digital plate making allow us to print more complicated graphics than ever before. We can produce smooth vignettes, screen shades, small text and graphics, and realistic photographic reproductions.

There is simply no comparison.



Oval Neck

Sizes: 35MM, 38MM

Non Machined Curl

Sizes: 35MM, 38MM

Machined Curl

Sizes: 35MM, 38MM

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