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Montebello Packaging’s roots date back to 1952, making aluminum tubes for the pharmaceutical industry. From the very beginning, quality has been the Montebello hallmark. Our team complies with FDA guidelines for current Good Manufacturing Practices and maintains an active Drug Master File (DMF).

Today, our reliable protective aluminum, laminate, and plastic barrier laminate tubes are the preferred choice of top pharmaceutical makers of creams, gels, ointments, personal lubricants, and other semi-solids.

We design all Montebello products to meet your packaging specifications, including critical tolerances for walls, necks, annealing, coatings, and seals. Constant monitoring and strict quality control measures allow us to meet or exceed all customer expectations.

Packaging With Care

Our pharmaceutical packaging solutions are designed to meet the highest standards of quality. Our extensive range of products ensures that your pharmaceutical products are securely stored and protected.

For pharmaceutical companies seeking reliable and visually appealing options, our cosmetic packaging solutions are a perfect choice. We offer a comprehensive selection of eco-friendly packaging, allowing you to create a unique and sustainable brand image while adhering to environmental standards.

With our expertise in the industry, we guarantee superior quality and durable packaging solutions that cater to your specific needs. Additionally, our aluminum cosmetic packaging and aluminum tube packaging options offer excellent protection against external factors, ensuring the integrity of your pharmaceutical products.

Sustainability in the Health Industry

In line with our commitment to sustainability, our eco-friendly options not only minimize environmental impact but also provide exceptional barrier properties, preserving the efficacy and shelf life of your pharmaceutical products.

Our dedication to sustainable practices extends to our packaging plastic tube solutions, ensuring that your pharmaceutical products are packaged safely while minimizing plastic waste. We work closely with skin care packaging suppliers to deliver innovative and eco-conscious solutions that align with your brand values.

Discover the future of pharmaceutical packaging with our sustainable packaging options. We prioritize environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes. By choosing our sustainable packaging manufacturers, you contribute to the global effort of reducing waste and promoting a greener tomorrow.

Your Partners in Packaging

Experience the pinnacle of quality and innovation with our tube packaging solutions. We offer versatile and reliable packaging options for pharmaceutical products. As your partner, we ensure that your products stand out in the market, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal.

With our commitment to excellence and sustainability, we proudly serve as a laminate tube supplier and manufacturer. Our laminated tube packaging provides superior protection, enabling your pharmaceutical products to reach consumers in pristine condition.

Invest in pharmaceutical packaging that upholds the highest standards of quality, functionality, and sustainability. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and elevate your brand with our exceptional pharmaceutical packaging solutions.

Cosmetic &
Personal Care

As a manufacturer of personal care products and cosmetic products, you’re in the business of making people more attractive, so let us help you do that.


From standard to custom, aluminum tubes and aerosol containers are made to your exact specifications.

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