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Cosmetic & Personal Care - Keeping Things Beautiful

Keeping Things Beautiful

As a manufacturer of personal care and cosmetic products, you’re in the business of making people more attractive. At Montebello, we’re in the business of making your brand beautiful.

We understand the value of packaging as a sales tool. To be effective, it has to stand out, turn heads, and spark interest. Montebello wants your package to be the first brand customers see and the first brand they remember. That’s why so many well-known personal care and cosmetic companies – in so many markets – rely on Montebello for their unique packaging needs.

You can choose from our line of tubes (durable aluminum tubes and surface shape resilience of our laminate tube), or our line of sleek aerosol cans. Then, have the opportunity to decorate your choice of product with our special design option, M-Deco. Attractive; the possibilities are endless!

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