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Freshen the look of your products with our laminate tubes! Fully customizable and sustainable options available, take a look at how laminate tubes work for you.

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We Strive For a
Sustainable Future

Montebello Packaging has developed high standards of service regarding our impact on the environment. We are dedicated to finding supplies of the highest quality, understanding that our customers expect the same. We strive to develop more eco friendly options. The following explains the benefits of both our laminate and aluminum tubes.

& Laminate Tubes

Laminate tubes are made from multiple layers of materials (e.g., HDPE, EVOH, Aluminum) that provide an excellent lightweight barrier, protecting the contents from oxygen, bacteria, and UV degradation.

Laminate tubes can be printed directly, reducing the need for separate labeling. The stand-up cap and the robust, ‘bounce back’ memory of the laminate tube eliminates the need for a secondary retail box.

Our digital printing process is far more environmentally friendly than traditional printing methods. Master carton requirements are also reduced as the compact, shatterproof tubes transport in lighter-weight corrugated shippers than glass or cans. We have the new fully recyclable material plastic barrier tube. 

The Laminate Process

Laminate tubes begin as flat web stock, manufactured by the leading global suppliers. The tube is then printed to your exact specifications on our HP digital printing presses. The printed web is formed into a tubular shape and cut to the desired length to become a “sleeve.” It is then “headed” and joined with a molded shoulder.

We can add a tamper-evident sealed neck membrane for product protection. We complete the process by capping the tube and then inspecting and packaging it; this is a completely integrated system, with the entire package assembled in line. Now your package is available for use.


Aluminum integrity
Plastic tube shelf appeal

Wide variety of digital graphics – 6 colors (CMYK or CMYKOVG) with multiple finishes available (gloss, matte, semi-matte)

Protective Barriers
Aluminum foil base or EVOH material.
Resistant barriers for products requiring a longer shelf life.
Flavour and fragrance protection.

Foil Laminates (ABL)

All Plastic Laminates (PBL)

Laminate Tubes



Diameter Options: ½”, 1”
Orifice Sizes: 0.125”, 0.250”


Diameter Options: ½”
Orifice Sizes: 0.047”


Diameter Options: ½”, ¾”
Orifice Sizes: 0.125”


Diameter Options: 7/8”
Orifice Sizes: 0.115”


Diameter Options: ¾”, 7/8”, 1”,
1 7/64”, 1 11/32”, 1 ½”
Orifice Sizes: 0.125”, 0.200”, 0.250”


Diameter Options: 1”, 1 7/64”,
1 11/32”, 1 ½”
Orifice Sizes: 0.280”


Diameter Options: 1”, 1 7/64”,
1 11/32”, 1 ½”
Orifice Sizes: 0.250”


Diameter Options: 1 11/32”, 1 ½”, 2”
Orifice Sizes: 0.250”


Diameter Options: 35mm, 1 ½”

Cap Options

Flip Top
Mushroom Octagonal
Nasal Laminate
Child Resistant
Fez PT
Standard Ophthalmic
Pedestal Smooth Wall
Pedestal Ribbed Wall

Customize with our in House Graphics Team

Our graphics department offers a full range of prepress graphic artwork preparation capabilities to complement our full line of manufactured packaging products. We offer typesetting, graphics artwork creation, color corrections, color management, high-end electronic file preparation for output, and file archiving.
Graphic Design Pre-Press Capabilities:

Digital Printing at its Best

We use state-of-the-art technology that enables us to achieve high definition printing quality on our HP Indigo digital presses. This allows us to produce high quality graphics using CMYK or CMYKOVG extended gamut, print technology for vivid color reproduction. We are a Certified GMI Print Packaging Supplier; Mastering Gold DIGITAL PRINT. We also minimize quality risks by using the 100% fully automatic AVT inspection system.

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